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Leveraging professional referencing

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Finding Jobs

1000's of Jobs for all experience levels and functions. Apply to only ones that are right for you and where you will succeed.

Building Career

Engage your network today to enhance professional credibility & be ready for tomorrow's career goals.

For Businesses


Leverage data insights to predict if a professional would succeed in a position at the company before you offer.

Recruitment Firm

Screen 1000's of candidates in seconds, match and rank profiles based on fit & improve submit to select ratio.

Synergy prediction eliminates talent mismatch

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Fit Checks Performed


Data Points Analyzed

Credibility opens infinite Opportunities

Build Credibility

Let your hard work speak for you & attract great companies. Employer & service providers give you priority based on your community asserted credibility. Your skills, traits & a video introduction are all you need to get started.

Enhance Reputation

Let your professional network tell the world how good you are. Get recommendations from colleagues & team members on your skills, traits & introduction to improve your reputation. Companies always look for professionals with high reputation.

Check Company Credibility

Do not just follow popular companies, check if they are credible too. Credible companies have high trust factor and are more likely to stick to what they say. They are great places to work at and grow a career.

Find Right Jobs

Everyone wants to have a job that makes them happy. Stop looking at 1000's of jobs everywhere and let Kretaro Right Fit smart matching connect you to specific jobs that are Right for you at companies that you will enjoy working for.

Access Great Services

Service providers always give better and faster service to professionals with high reputation and credibility. Build a high reputation to enjoy preferential access to great services & rewards that are exclusive to Kretaro members.