Always looking for applicants but still have low success rate?

Leverage Applicant pool
AI Fit Match meter


Know if a candidate will succeed at your client place before you submit. Increase the submit to offer ratio and become a successful recruiter.

Smart Application Experience System

Smart AES

Use smart Applicant Experience System and engage better with deserving candidates and save your time spent on un fit applicants.

Pioneers in Talent Credibility assertion through Professional Referencing

Post and track jobs

Manage Jobs

Post and track your jobs, assign them to recruiters and hiring managers. Connect & manager applicants right from the job.

Leverage Past Applicants

Leverage Past Applicants

Find matching candidates from your own past applicants data base, save time on sourcing. Import resumes & excel trackers to quickly upload applicants.

Manage Clients at one dashboard

Manage Clients

Applicant submissions, smart reports, interview management all at one place so you client are delighted.


Find an opportunity that will meet your aspirations, find fit before you apply for a job.