You are great at screening resumes all day

But stressed due to ‘No Time’ to engage the good candidates?

40% of recruiters time, i.e. 16hr/week of each recruiter is wasted screening ineligible profiles & reaching out to uninterested job seekers.

Potential candidates from past applicants for your current jobs.

Kretaro AES with its Smart Fit algorithm instantly matches profiles to job requirements and ranks them based on fit.

Match candidate to the job opening

Monetize Past Applicant DB

100's of quality profiles in your past applicant database go unused, while you spend effort and money searching online. Kretaro uncovers potential candidates from past applicants for your current jobs.

False Fit Elimination

Improve Submit to Select Ratio with our false fit elimination. It highlights right fit profiles so all your efforts go towards candidates who have potential and are keen about the opportunity.

Eradicate chances of bad hire
Upload resume to your applicant database and get instant matches to the current jobs

Instant Resume Uploads

No more reading lengthy resumes, upload to your applicant database, and get instant matches to the current jobs. Kretaro AES automatically extracts personal info, Skills, Experience & other details making recruiters' life easy.

Engage Candidates

Message candidates, Schedule interviews, Update clients, Exchange documents in real-time. Effortless candidate engagement all from one place on kretaro Smart AES.

Effortless candidate engagement for interview process
Custom recruitment reports for instant visibility

Secure Sharable Reports

Make clumsy excel reports a history, no more follow-ups, or missed updates. With secure and shareable custom reports get instant visibility to current status and metrics from anywhere.