The 10 Struggles That All Job Seekers Will Be Able to Relate

We feel surviving our exam days, finding an affordable apartment in the city and going to in-laws is more difficult task, but just know that those things are crumb in comparison to the struggles of looking for a job.

The struggle of job searching is real and we get it! It’s stressful, difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes demoralising. All of which makes the whole process a real pain.

Let’s see our experiences through GIFS. We can enjoy a laugh or two and hopefully by the end, we can help you to build your Credibility & find a happy workplace.

(1) The foremost task is to decide between a RESUME and a CV. It is very confusing task.

Decision making between resume and cv

(2) Finds a perfect job listing 3 days after the application deadline.

delay in applying job

(3) When they ask you to upload your resume and then require you to fill every section that’s already on the resume you uploaded.

(4) Entry level position, require 7-8 years of experience.

confusing statements given by interviewer

(5) This job would be PERFECT for me… if I didn’t live 4 hours away.

(6) Over-qualified for a service job, under-qualified for a job within my degree.

i dont even know what to say- interview rejection answer

(7) On waiting to hear back:
Company: Do you have experience in this field?
Me: No.
Company: “Fill out all this stuff anyway, you still have a chance!
Outcome 1= Reply an hour later, “Sorry, you weren’t what we were looking for”.
Outcome 2 = Silence for the rest of the future because they’ll never contact you.

waiting for reply from interviewer

(8) Your face when you spent an hour filling out an application and then you receive a message that says, “Your session has timed out.”

(9) Me: I have a 4-year degree and have some experience!
Companies: Starting pay is 10K/month

Not getting salary as per your expectation

(10) Got to pump out 15 more cover letters today.

By now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I’m 100% all of these GIFS, it’s scary.” We totally feel you and we want to make your next round of job searching a much better experience!

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