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What is a ‘Credibility Score’? It is a number that shows how good a professional you are. A testament to your professionalism and good attitude. A better score can help unlock the things you want

Better jobs i.e. great companies to work at. Interesting rewards. Better services and more

Always know what your credibility score is (and how to improve it)

Kretaro considers every professional ‘Credible (kre)’ so you start at a high credibility score of ‘85’.
Check your credibility score
Check your score
See your credibility score whenever you like, it will not hurt your reputation. We refresh your score every seven days. Know what you need to do to keep it high and be known as a credible professional.
Maintain credibility score
Maintain credibility score
It is easy and quick, just keep doing good work and let your friends/colleagues/bosses/team praise you for it. Keep letting the system know of what is happening, that is it.
Build your reputation
Build your reputation
Build your professional reputation, know where you stand among your peers. Keep increasing it with personalized tips. A high reputation keeps you ahead in the line for everything better.
Get Your Credibility Score

Get Your Credibility Score

WE ALL THINK we are highly credible, then why leave any scope of doubt? Put to rest any doubt with your credibility score for your professional life. Your own Credibility Score based on your professional career path. Assert your Credibility with your very own credibility report (KretCARD).

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