You attract a lot of a applicants for your job advertisements but

Check Professional Fit score
Credibility Check meter

Check Credibility

Be sure of a candidates credibility before you consider to spend time on them.

Talent Fit Match meter

Check Talent Fit

Predict if the candidate will add value to your company and succeed at the position. Reduce the possibility of hiring wrong talent.

Pioneers in Talent Credibility assertion through Professional Referencing

Engage with right talent

Engage Right Talent

Connect with applicants who are right fit and save time spent on selection.

Check Professional credibility

Check Credibility

Is the Professional Credible, are they what they say they are? Be assured of their abilities before you process.

Synergy Report of Professional

Synergy Report

Get insight into the professional persona. Understand how aligned they are to your companies values & culture.


Find an opportunity that will meet your aspirations, find fit before you apply for a job.