System Engineer

Job Details


1-3 years



Salary Offered

₹3-8.5 LPA


Any Graduation Degree



Notice Period







03 Sep 2020


Must Have

  • Specification Generation
  • Dynamism

Position Description

• Identify the stakeholder needs (Customer work meeting, RFQ analysis, Marketing interview, … )
• Define System requirements
• Participate to technical support with customers
System Architecture:
• Define system logical and physical architecture , (diagnosis, parameters list, internal interfaces between components, …)
• Define justification of architecture selection (system properties assessment to evaluate and select the most suitable architecture)
Design and validation follow-up:
• Determine components integration strategy and ensure the compatibility between the components
• Generate, with the validation team, a set of acceptance criteria (validation plan) which guarantees that all high level requirements have been covered
Transverse activities:
• Project management
• Requirement management
• Risk management
• Problem and change management
• Documentation and configuration management

Position Responsibility

Identify customer and other stakeholder needs at system/powertrain level
• Collect customer inputs (with input data file) and system requirements (with external compliance matrix)
• Interface with customer for functional requirements (including performance / dependability / diagnostic ...)
• Produce the system requirement specification (including use-cases, limit cases and misuses).

Design system architecture and system element requirements to meet customer application needs
• Design the system architecture in collaboration with the different competences (“métiers”) to allocate the functions into different sub-systems (Mechanical architecture / Electronic hardware architecture, SW architecture, system external and internal interfaces …) , ensure the compatibility between the sub-systems
• Ensure optimum design to cost approach
• Produce the sub-system requirement needs
• Ensure system engineering support to the metier design teams to design the system element and to test and process teams to check the system element
• Manage the system design reviews (perform engineering activities to confirm sub-system specifications)

Manage project/platform associated validation plans
• Define the system validation test plan on vehicles or on system benches and ensure that a set of acceptance criteria will guarantee that every high level requirements have been covered.
• Manage SLI for system issues detected internally or by customer on the sub-systems
• Manage QRQC and FTA for any issue at system/powertrain level
• Contribute to the dependability process (PHA, System-FMEA, e-FMEA and FTA) and quality process (Design FMEA).

Ensure the compatibility / standardization between existing projects/platforms
• Capitalize the know-how ( standardization, specifications, technical reports, processes and guidelines). Elaborate patents in his specialty. Participate to patents committee.
• Apply and improve continuously the system engineering standards and tools


Full Time (Regular Employee)

Posted on 17 Mar 2020


Managed by Kretaro Consulting

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